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Cultivating community

in the spirit of the season.


When you join a Seasonal Studio, you align with a

group of fellow co-creators to connect with the unseen and explore our shifts together in an openly held structure. Our time together is creative & process-oriented, an invitation into the intangible, into the present.

 Amanda, Kelsey, & Quavin will initiate a (flexible) theme to explore for the season. We begin by connecting intentionally with our creative selves in a week-long Seasonal Opening. When we meet for the first time, we will share our Seasonal Opening experiences with one another, honing in on what is most ripe for communal exploration. We will continue to meet in small group & full-studio video calls in a shared, fluid, creative process that connects us to the present energies as they are flowing through. We will play with what emerges, feeling our way through the shifts together with the unseen. Our time ends with a Seasonal Closing to ease us out of the movements and creations we have witnessed together in this container of interconnection.


We offer four Studios per year, with enrollment opening the month before every Solstice & Equinox. 


Stay tuned for more on

our upcoming Summer Studio!

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