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Updated: May 15, 2021

Dear Friends!

We are now in the thick of the changes we spoke of in April and we have much to share with you! The process of moving from a product-based way of creating into building a community-based exploration space has been wonderfully liberating. And also complex, emotional, tender, delightful, slow, and overwhelming at times. We trust the process fully, knowing the unseen is carrying us through it, so we can build something so much bigger than we had dreamed before.

We're so grateful that your curiosity and connection to our work has kept us linked throughout this wild time, and we wanted to let you in on a bit of what has been happening. So here are some updates:

Amanda has been connecting beautifully to the support of becoming more and more, radically, present. As part of working with the power of presence, she is feeling called to invite you all to connect and attend to our inner movements in a regular weekly meet! Subtle Space will be launching soon, so keep an eye out for more on this.

We are excited to share with you that the structure of our Seasonal Studios has continued to reveal itself. We are searching for the sweet spot between structuring our time together and leaving open space for the unseen to guide our explorations. The folks who join us in the upcoming Summer Studio (this July & August) can expect to be connected with the studio participants, aka “co-creators”, on a weekly basis through a mixture of small group zooms and full studio zooms, as the group allows. Amanda, Kelsey, & Q will initiate a (flexible) theme to work with for the summer, offering insights and prompts to get the explorations flowing. A connection-based structure will allow us to explore our personal discoveries in a supportive and inspiring setting. Co-creation holds such generative potential! As we have found these details to the Seasonal Studios, we now understand that the price for it needs to match the offering appropriately. To offer this level of connection and communication for the duration of the 2 month Summer Studio, the price will be $400. For a 9-10 week experience, this breaks down to about $40-$50/week. Payment plans will be available to make funding easier. We are excited to build this community into a supportive, thriving creative space.

We will be launching our New Membership option in June! Our Membership Space will be self-guided -- a space where your intuition and curiosity can lead you into the experience you seek. For $15/month, there will be much to explore: rotating seasonal explorations (inspired by the seasonal studios), multi-day Solstice/Equinox rituals, member-only community gatherings (such as Subtle Space), our ongoing library of oracles, quizzes, bonfire conversations, community posts and more! Of course, we hope you all will join us in this new Membership experience. Keep a lookout for its launch in the coming weeks!

We will continue to keep you posted on how we are evolving. Thank you, again, for supporting us during this transition. Our thanks runs deep. We can't wait to explore these new ways of connecting and creating together.


Kelsey, Amanda, & Quavin

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