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✨Openings. Presence. Embodiment. Community.✨

Welcome to our space! We’re back and full of so much fun! Through many unknowns, bonfires, curiosities, emotions, fears, processing, and joy over the last two months; we are ready to emerge as a completely new creature. UHC has restructured to focus on creating spaces where everyone involved can experience openings for the unseen to move through, learn to tolerate and even find pleasure in our slowly unfolding present moment, listen to the truths and wisdom our bodies are wanting to show us, and all while in a community of people grounded in their integrity and committed to their own/our own expansion. We have opened up what we are making to experiences beyond just products and entertainment. We are here in our vulnerability, our authenticity, our desires for something so much more than financial exchange. Our creativity needed more. Our hearts needed more. And so we had to completely unravel and reconstruct what it is we are. We’re more than ready to meet you here. June will be a rebirth for us as we launch what we’ve become. And the promise of all that will flow from this is electric. Will you join us on this wild ride of play and possibility?✨

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