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Creating & Maintaining Inner Foundations

Explore the Care You Need.

Knowing the importance of feeling rooted through our shifts and changes, UHC has created an exploration that helps us understand the tools we need to take care of ourselves when we are activated or overwhelmed by what arises. Part of discovering new depths to who we are means developing a relationship with what feels uncomfortable, harmful, and intense inside ourselves and our lives. The safer we feel in ourselves, the freer we can explore!

The GroundWork Exploration includes:

- The 2nd edition of Kelsey's well-loved GroundWork Guidebook reimagined for cultivating a base of skills and self-understanding needed for experiential, embodied exploration.


-A Guided Audio Praxis led by Amanda to help put these concepts of listening and responding to our inner selves into a practice that is at once opening and grounding and can be revisited time and time again. This includes a full 30-minute audio recording (Opening to Presence, Engaging with What Arises & Closing the Flow) as well as each part divided into separate tracks for you to access as needed.

-A Treasure-Hunt Kelsey has created as a playful way to allow yourself to be lead into the unknown and make your own meaning along the way. 

-A GroundWork in Tarot Guidebook where Amanda takes you through the process of a tarot reading offering ways to cultivate a more supportive, collaborative relationship with the cards.  

Our hope is that this supports you in building a foundation for trust whenever you are doing self-exploration on your own or in community. GroundWork is a vital basis of support for the kinds of investigations offered here at UHC.

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