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Meet the Artists


AMANDA (she/her) is a queer intuitive artist. She is a devotee of the shape-shifting kind. From making theatre, to practicing bodywork and reading cards, Amanda's many lives are ever-present as she seeks and shapes more visceral explorations of our existence. When she first got her hands on a tarot deck, experimenting with energies unseen was a very private, hidden praxis. By choosing to share intuitive explorations with others, Amanda is discovering how it feels to open and release further into the mysteries. And, just maybe, begin to trust what we cannot always see. It is her pleasure to join you in sensing the presence of the unseen forces moving through us all. 

Immersed in the language of the senses and translating what cannot be seen or explained, but felt, QUAVIN (she/her) is a healer, mother, creator, writer and educator. Quavin moves in the space between worlds and seeks to share her journey with others. Sublimating her own 20+ year -and counting- journey of conscious healing and deep soul work, she works with intuition, skill and wisdom that are cultivated through living and learning the experience as life; while staying ever open to the mystery that continuously unfolds around and through us in new and more complex ways.


KELSEY (she/they) is a queer creator, seeker, and play-maker. Working from a foundation of creative curiosity and mental health skills; she unravels stories, witnesses them. Names them. Honors them. She knows the importance of holding space for the intricacies of our intersectional identities, feral humanity, intuitive knowing, inner depths, and the tricks of our social stories, our traumas, our violence. Kelsey asks questions, tends magic, works with their hands, and cultivates consensual pleasure. They are committed to continuing to work non-hierarchically in liberation-centered relationship and relationship-centered accountability to grow better worlds for us all.

Work with One of Us




A chance to intuitively flesh out the story around a specific area of your life, tarot reflections can give us tools to think about things differently as we live through our current experiences. The cards often affirm what we are already sensing and can provide clarity around things that feel muddled. Collaborate over the cards with Amanda via Zoom appointment or choose a pre-recorded video reading if you'd prefer a less interactive experience. Readings are approximately 1 HR in length and are made available for your viewing after our session. All readings end with the creation of a spell for us to hold together as you integrate the insights moving forward.



Allow Amanda to pull cards for the next cycle for you! Offering an aerial view of the energies you may be moving into over the next chunk of time, this reading is a meaningful gift for a milestone moment like a birthday or new year. Full-Circle Readings can happen via Zoom or Pre-Recorded Video, based on your preference. All readings end with the creation of a spell for us to hold together as you integrate the insights moving forward. The Full-Circle Reading also includes a PDF Summary of your reading for quick reference throughout your next cycle. 


A 2.5-3 hour deep exploration of the story within your natal chart, as told by the planets their placements and connections at the time of your birth. Readings take place via Zoom and a full recording and summary of your reading is sent to you within 10-14 working days.


A 1.5-2 hour chart reading that builds upon the full natal reading and tells the story of how the current planetary movements are influencing and guiding you as you work with the lessons and energies of your natal chart and current life circumstances.  Readings are conducted in the same manner as the natal reading and a recording and summary are also provided. Must have the full natal reading prior to choosing this offering, as we are building on that frame work and the messages therein. 

A 60 minute exploration of a particular query or nothing in particular, as told through the language and symbolism of the cards. Readings take place via Zoom and a recording and summary are sent to you within 10-14 working days.


Kelsey is not currently doing one on one work as they create other ways of exploring and playing with the Unseen. If you would like to explore their artist Patreon, click the button below to learn more.

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