The Unseen Hands Collective creates the space to honor the connective unseen forces moving through us all.

We seek to explore our intuitive natures in visceral, creative ways and empower each other
to trust ourselves and what is beyond us as we continuously shift through life. 
Exploring playful magic and collective threads of knowing, we are dreaming up
new ways to connect in creative, intuitive community! 


We are currently
in transition!


While we work on the next iteration of 
The Collective, we invite you to enjoy some of our
personal intuitive offerings:

Let Kelsey draw you into her world of living magic through the art of curiosity and creation! 

Quavin takes you through the movements in the heavens with daily check-ins about the Sun, monthlies on the Moon, and more! 

Amanda finds the story in the cards that reflects the ways our shapes are constantly shifting. Check out her free Zodiac Readings throughout the month!